Download Copwise

The app that will talk to the police for you!

Copwise is a mobile application developed as a tool to use when interacting with law enforcement at routine traffic stops, checkpoints, and typical police interactions.  The primary feature of Copwise is an audio response system that talks to police for you.



Audio Response

Copwise provides 10 verbal audio responses to police questioning so that the you do not have to speak if you feel uncomfortable. Responses have been designed to enable and protect your constitutional rights, especially your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.


Rights and Information Resource

Copwise provides information regarding your constitutional rights, tips on how to use the application, tips on how to deal with law enforcement interactions, and a multitude of informational links through the app and the website.

Incident Recording

When you launch Copwise your mobile device automatically begins recording audio. Recording continues until the user closes the Copwise app or disables the recording. Recordings are stored on your mobile device and may be reviewed, deleted, shared to social media, or used in a court of law.


Document Recovery

Copwise stores a picture of the your driver’s license, registration, and insurance card for law enforcement to review if original documents are not available. In your profile you can store images of these documents and easily access them if the need arises.